Next Seminar, 11:00 Friday December 1st at The Charing Cross Centre, Norwich.

12 places remaining


Seminar agenda:


Duration 45 minutes

Update 15th May - as a result of the latest Cyber incident and the NHS attacks we will also briefly cover how conformance with the HM Govt Cyber Essentials Security Standards would have help to prevent the attacks succeeding.

Throughout the presentation a real life example of a breached system will be used to demonstrate the ease of the attack vector, and the resulting consequences, of a compromised web server collecting and storing data for a National Charity. The exploit resulted in a £200,000 fine being imposed by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and a considerable amount of bad publicity for the charity. We will analyse the legal reasons why the fine was so large by providing a step through of the vulnerability, and how the charity could have mitigated their position.


European General Data Protection Regulations essential guide.


·         Will GDPR be affected by Brexit?

·         Important changes from the Data Protection Act (1998)


National Cyber Security Strategy aims and effect on businesses.


·         How the NCSS will affect every organsation that collects, stores or processes personal data in the near and long term.


Cyber Essentials accreditation and the steps to get it.


·         Overview of Cyber Essentials

·         Levels of accreditation


Reasons for ensuring compliance.


·         The legal requirements of DPA (1998) and more stringent GDPR

·         Reducing liability

·         Behaving responsibly

·         The financial liabilities of a breach


o   Fines & Legal Fees

o   Loss of client confidence

o   Restoring lost systems/data recovery costs

o   Forensics